GB Minifootball Union President, Mark Staines, is out in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the EMF General Assembly. Amongst the many subjects being discussed at the GA are the plans for 2024, which will include the location for the EMF Euro 24.

This GA is further proof that the The EMF are the leaders in Minfootball across Europe and indeed, the World. The EMF, our governing body, values these important meetings where each of the EMF highly respected member countries having valued and important dialogue on shaping the future of the game.

The GA also recognised the huge success of the recent WMF World Cup in the UAE and celebrated the amazing success of one of our members and friends Romania on winning the World Cup.


The EMF Champions League, EURO Cup and the Euro Business Cup were also discussed. The LOC and home federations were celebrated and recognised for the incredible organisation and professionalism during these wonderful events.

Exciting new projects by the European Governing Body will also be announced soon that will have a huge positive impact on all federations including our own.

The future is looking very bright for GBMFU and the EMF and we look forward to providing many more opportunities around Europe for our club teams and national sides.

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