The WMF World Cup 2023 is in Ras Al Khaimah UAE 


England 6 a side

The England 6-a-side team is compiled of all amateur players who play under the Great Britain Minifootball Union (GBMFU)  jurisdiction who hold the exclusive UK qualifying rights to all European and World Minifootball Competitions.

The fantastic USP of the GBMFU is that we give amateur players a professional experience when they compete in international tournaments they get to fulfil a dream of representing their country they’re treated like superstars, they play in front of crowds of up to 10,000 people and have even received  police escorts to and from the stadiums.

Adding to the professionalism of the competitions we enter is the broadcasting of all games.These competitions are broadcast around the world with millions of viewers recorded at the last event.

The 2023 World Cup, highlighted in the video above, will be played in a bespoke stadium on the beach on Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. This government backed event is set to break all records for a Minifootball event and begins on October 26th and concludes on November on Nov 4th.

We are very proud to be sending a squad of 15 players and 10 back room staff who will be fully funded thanks to our amazing sponsors.

England are ready.

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Our team

Mark Staines

Mark is our President and is very respected in the Minfootball World, he is also a member of  the Tournament Committees  for the European Minifootball Federation and The World Minifootball Federation. his knowledge of the game is second to none and continues to grow the game in the UK.

Following a very successful career as a Minifootball player, which included 10 British and 1 European team titles. Mark began his current role  as the first ever President of GB Minifootball in 2017.

Since then Mark has been focusing on the Football operations, building a successful men’s team which finished 4th in their first ever Euros, only losing to eventual winners Czech Republic in the semi finals, the same opponents eliminated the England team again at Euro 2022.

In the summer of 2024 England won the 5 plus One Cup that was used as preparation for the 2023  WMF World Cup in Ras Al Khaimah UAE.

He represents the EMF at many competition around the world and is head of Judicial Services for EMF competitions ensuring that fairness and due diligence is followed in regards to the discipline process for all participant of the competitions.

Our team

Martin Cassidy

Martin is our Vice President and Head of Refereeing. He is former national list match official and retired early due to injury.  He took up refereeing after a knee injury stopped him playing football. He worked for the FA at Wembley Stadium in The FA Referees Department for 7 years coaching referees to reach the professional level of the game.
He also ran the FA’s South West of England Regional Referee Development Group for four years. He passed his Referee Instructors course in 2003 and has made many presentations around the World.
He is an expert analysis for all things refereeing and is a regular on National TV and Radio on broadcasters such Sky Sports, Sky News, BBC, ESPN, BEin Sports and ITV. He is a regular on Talk Sport radio which is the biggest sports radio station in the world representing Ref Support UK who are the biggest referee Charity in the World. He is the CEO Ref Support UK and travels the World presenting on all matters refereeing.
He lobbied FIFA, The FA, IFAB and UK government for 4 years for the introduction of a Body Cam pilot for Grassroots referees that was final delivered in 2023.
He is a married man with 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Ayaan Khan

Ayaan is  GBMFU and England 6 a Side Head of Media and film production

He was born in London and first started growing social media accounts in 2017 while at sixth form, and started managing accounts, and learning videography/photography/editing/film production in 2019.

In 2022 he started filming in the football field for the first time, working with athletes, and also started to work on bigger sets, and then started to direct and organise productions in 2023, as well as attending many wedding shoots. Around April/May I had the first shoot with England 6 a side for the first trials for the World Cup

He is a very ambitious and professional man whose aim is to have traction in the film production/photography world and to get established, and let his work speak for itself. He also aims to help organisations, businesses, individuals grow and diliver a massive impact on their target audience with the use of his excellent skills and knowledge in social media, advertisements and many more areas.

We are very excited to see his finished documentary he is making which will be released after the conclusion of the WMF World Cup in The UAE, which will be aptly be called “Road to the UAE” which will document the journey from the first trial in the midlands, all the way till the end of the World Cup, and also reveal some of the history of England 6 a side, and where it will be going in the future.

He is a competitive individual and and is determined to out perform all Sunday and Saturday YouTube teams, and to establish a dominant position on social media which others will follow by example by showcasing our England 6 a side team to a wider audience rating its profile on the national and International stage.

He owns and runs a very professional company called “SimbaVisuals” We encourage you to check him out.

Martin Cassidy Vice president of the GMBFU said ” We are very proud to have such a driven, determined and professional individual delivering our content. We have been hugely impressed with his work and his work ethic. I also find it great to see such a determined individual who still is humble and one of the nicest men you could meet”

If you would like to reach out to Ayaan you can do so via the details below. You won’t be disappointed.

Business line: 020 8050 5785 (normal phone calls and WhatsApp only)

Our Journey

Our journey started in 2017 when we were voted in by the other European Federations as the GB representatives for the EMF and WMF.

This was a landmark event that ensured we could offer qualifying places to amazing 5/6/7/8 and 9 a side teams to EMF and WMF international competitions. No other organisation in the UK can do this, only us.

We have fully funded ourselves over that time with the kelp of some amazing sponsors and competed at many international competitions since, thus giving amateur players a unique opportunity to play in top class venues, including purpose built stadiums all with worldwide TV coverage.