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Welcome Stopfordian

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am here today to present an incredible opportunity that has both the power to revoluAonise amateur Football and promote the good work of Stopfordian.

The England 6-a-side team is made up of various amateur players playing at different levels within the English Football pyramid, they're from all backgrounds but when compeAng in internaAonal tournaments, they get to fulfil a dream of represenAng their country and are treated as superstars. These players get the opportunity to play in front of crowds of up to 10,000 people, games are shown around the world on live TV and on occasions the England team have even received police escorts to and from the stadiums, which just goes to emphasise the enormity of the sport of Minifootball around the globe.

We're looking for Stopfordian to become the England 6 a side teams main sponsor and we'd like to invite 8 members of your staff to the UAE in October to watch the Three Lions compete at the WMF World Cup, an all expenses paid trip including flights and accommodation.

If we can form a partnership with yourselves, we will also be able to provide and host an International tournament over a couple of days in the heart of Manchester with other National teams flying in for the event. We would look to hire a venue and create our own Minifootball stadium, allowing us to have a “family fun day” atmosphere for all with acAviAes for all the family as well as food & drinks being served.

As our main sponsor, you and your staff would be our guests of honour on the day, a special VIP area would be set up to accommodate all Stopfordian staff with a member of your team presenting the trophies during the award ceremony.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with Stopfordian and work together in the community.